"Yes. It'll be a really relaxing night." He put food on the table before putting Kiba's food in his bowl. Yata pressed another quick kiss to Saru's cheek before getting drinks. He was feeling oddly affectionate.

   ”I could probably use a little bit of time to relax.” He smiled a little at the kiss pressed to his cheek, raising an eyebrow slightly. Not that he minded the affection, he never did if it was Misaki, but it certainly was interesting.

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The way he breathes you in when he kisses you.
—jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)
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i would rather be ѕσмєσηєѕ shot of whiskey

than єνєяуσηєѕ cup of tea

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‘Stay.. please.’
Send ‘Stay.. please.’ and my muse will react to yours saying this after they had woken from a terrible nightmare.


   ”Misaki…” He frowned, glancing down at his boyfriend’s clearly frightened form. Slowly he pulled him against his chest, fingers gently stroking his hair. “It’s alright, I’m here. I’m not gonna go anywhere. Just relax…”

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"Come on Saru. Dinner won't take long. I'm making dumplings."

   He gave a little laugh, stretching a bit on the couch. “Alright, alright. Dinner and then bed.”

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   He either needs to eat or sleep… probably both. But he doesn’t want to either, despite the fact he hasn’t had anything all day save for coffee and hasn’t been sleeping properly. He’s incredibly stubborn.

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» "Stop me if you hate me so much."


image ”Tch yourself…” He looked up, feeling a bead of sweat fall down the side of his face. He could never control himself around the former red clansman. He needed to learn how to either better hold his tongue or stop caring about whether or not he hurt the teen. “You have a smart mouth there Fushimi. Don’t go.. Running it off.” He turned away in anger, practically stomping away from the blue.

   ”Hn…” He stared at his former king for a moment, still shrinking away from the man as subtly as possible. Even now, he still found himself feeling rather uncomfortable around him. “Like it matters to you…” he muttered, more as an after thought as the king turned away from him. “Tch. You don’t even have any authority to be telling me what to do.”

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» Lost Small World and Fushimi Thoughts


I’m not normally all that interested in Fushimi since I tend to find relationships more interesting than characters, but let’s talk about him for a minute. Namely, what Lost Small World reveals about him.

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Falling In Love (Will Kill You) ft. Gerard Way
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» Send ‘Stay.. please.’ and my muse will react to yours saying this after they had woken from a terrible nightmare.

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