Sometimes I get really irritated with Bubble Witch. Like when they give me bubbles I have no choice but to waste or the stupid shooter fires the bubble instead of switching it like I want it to…. And then it just leads to me saying “fuck it” and wasting whatever bubbles I have left and wasting a life……….
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After writing all that my thumb is incredibly sore now wow. I should probably take a break from writing. I only have one headcanon to do now anyway and I still…. don’t know how to make a headcanon of this word… so….

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   Saruhiko remains largely surprised with how natural his relationship with Misaki feels. After the long months of trying to sort things out and put a name to what they felt for each other he hadn’t quite expected it to be this easy. They mesh well together, and while they do still argue they’re slowly changing things little by little. The relationship feels right to him somehow, and he finds himself more willing to work things out this time around rather than run and push Misaki away.

   There are still times however where he worries that Misaki will lose interest in him and realize he would be better off without him, but those thoughts are usually short-lived. Usually because of some small reassurance on Misaki’s part that he likely isn’t even aware of.

   Since they started living together again they’ve also grown a bit closer. They spend a lot of their spare time watching whatever movie’s on television or even just sitting around together. It’s pleasant, amd Saruhiko admittedly enjoys seeing Misaki on a daily basis and the little things about his boyfriend in general— such as the way he falls asleep or even how much messier his hair is in the morning. They’re little things he’s started to appreciate now that they’re together, and it’s enough to bring a pleasantly warm feeling in his chest.

   Of course Saruhiko still can’t resist teasing Misaki almost constantly, with whatever he can manage. Sometimes it leads to a fight, other times just a brief case of the silent treatment.

   Overall though, Saruhiko is actually happy with Misaki. It’s not easy for him all the time, he still doesn’t know if he understands this relationship thing, but after nearly a year together he knows without a doubt that he does in fact love Misaki. He loves everything about him from his voice to the feeling of his lips against his. It’s not a perfect relationship, but it means the world to him. And they’ll continue to move forward, day in and day out. Come what may, they’ll take it head on.

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   Doll’s don’t have any particular meaning for Saruhiko. But admittedly when he thinks of the word “doll” he’s usually reminiscent of Anna.

   Undoubtedly her features are mostly doll-like, and he definitely remembers a time or two upon first meeting her were he thought her fragile like a porcelain doll. Of course he knows now that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

   Still, the thought has stuck with him, even now.

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   Saruhiko isn’t all that fond of photographs. Especially not ones of himself. It isn’t as if his parents were the type to decorate the halls with pictures of him growing up or anything of the sort. In fact he doesn’t even recall there ever being any photos of him growing up at all.

   Misaki is seemingly the only one to ever have pictures or taken pictures of him back in middle school. While he never thought much of it and always dismissed it as something pointless, at one point or another he did wind up with a few of his own. To this day he still has them buried in a box somewhere in the back of his closet.

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The worst thing you could do is ask me to make headcanons about Nicole’s Misaki because I have quite a few of them and I could probably write a novel with them….. oops. Here I go.

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   Tenderness is something entirely unfamiliar to Saruhiko. He doesn’t know how to reapond when on the receiving end of it and he certainly doesn’t know how to return the gesture. That doesn’t mean he can’t learn what it’s like, however.

   It’s more an adjustment process for him. Given enough time he can learn the concept and what it’s like, and even begin to show it in subtle ways. It may not be blatantly obvious, but it would be a noticeable difference from his usual demeanor. Most likely it will be presented in the form of asking if you’re alright or offering to look over something for you. He willost likely brush off the action as nothing, not liking the idea of expressing something almost affectionate.

    Over a long period of time though and managing to get close to him he may show it a bit more openly.

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   Saruhiko has long since learned to expect anything from anyone. From a young age he had given up the hope that things would be different for him.

   It’s another defense mechanism for him to ensure he doesn’t get hurt. If he doesn’t get his hopes up, he won’t be disappointed when people fail to meet expectations.

   Because of all these he doesn’t have incredibly high expectations for people. In fact the only one he seems to have high expectations for is himself. And when he fails to meet his own expectations, it tends to have an extremely negative effect on him.

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