"You're being a baby." He leaned over and kissed Saru's cheek. "Relax."

He smiled a little. “Fine. But you’re making it up to me once I’m better.”

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A cold won't kill you. Right Kiba?" Kiba meows loudly. "See he agrees with me."

   ”Kiba always agrees with you. And how do you know a cold won’t kill me?”

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He threw him a look and laughed again. "Are you saying you'll die without sex for a week?"

   ”Possibly. Who knows? I’ve gone longer but then again maybe the cold will kill me before we can have sex again.” Yes he’s being extremely dramatic.

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"You'll live a week Saru. Don't be dramatic."

    “As far as you know. What if I don’t huh?” Coughs for emphasis.

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Misaki pretty much offered to have sex with you then laughed at you because your sick. Omg that was amazing. Misaki 01 Shimi 00


   ”Worst boyfriend ever….” Coughing ensues.

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’*°♪.♥.-`•.¸.•´…¸..•Happy Birthday Seri-chan`•.¸.•´…¸..•-♥¨´`’*°♪.
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"I'm not a kitten Saru. Besides I cooouuuuuuld." He teased. "but nope. You're sick." He laughed.

   Cue pouting. “You’re not fair. At all. You’re lucky I’m too sick to do anything about it.”

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"Because he loves you!"

    “So do you but you don’t make it a point to crawl all over me.”

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Imagine if Person A wore glasses/contacts and had really bad eyesight. Then one day, something happens to their glasses/contacts, either they get broken or get lost, so Person B keeps having to get up close for Person A to see them. Bonus if the close proximity lets them sneak in wee kisses.

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