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ǀ ɗση'т кησω ωнαт'ѕ ωσятн fιgнтιηg fσя Oя ωну ǀ нανє тσ ѕcяєαм. ǀ ɗση'т кησω ωну ǀ ιηѕтιgαтє Aηɗ ѕαу ωнαт ǀ ɗση'т мєαη.

Anonymous asked ;  
If you died I would cry. Then sell my soul in order to find a way to resurrect you from the dead.

"That hardly sounds like a good idea. And in any case, something like that doesn’t seem possible."

  1. traitorousakuma said: "I beg to differ…"
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